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Printer Asset Management
The module Printer Asset Management allows to administrate the whole printer infrastructure. SNMP-compatible printers are monitored completely including their toner levels.
Within the setting of threshold values, the replacement of the toners can be defined individually and according to the printer’s consumption.
There’s no longer need to store toners, because the consumption is calculated automatically. Furthermore it is possible to export the extensive reports in all of the common file formats and system components.

By using the standard interface, orders are done just in time at the supplier’s ground. Of course this saves a lot of time and process costs.

Besides the toner levels, the complete paper consumption is read out, too.

The same whether Pay-per-print or other charging variants – the ITAM Printer Asset Management supports all of it.

  • managing the centralized machine pool
  • managing manufacturers and printer types
  • managing the inventory
  • managing of objects
  • managing in cost centers, accounting areas and clients
  • managing delivery addresses
  • automatic/manual ordering of consumables
  • ordering of not monitored objects
  • selecting the supplies of each consumable group
Additionally, the module Printer Asset Management supports to administrate the supplies as well as to display the printer status. This is a great benefit, especially for custom helpdesk-environments without any remote accesses.


Here are some screenshots of the Printer Asset Management. By clicking the thumbnail you'll get to the original size in a new window (1280 x 960 Pixel)::

Printer Asset Management: Toner levels Printer Asset Management: Paper consumption
Toner levels Paper consumption
Printer Asset Management: Coverage